Let’s Build a Dome! – Part 1

So you want to build a dome.  Maybe you don’t, but since I was 10 or 12 I have wanted to build a geodesic dome.  When I was a kid there was a dome in the children’s museum I volunteered at that was made out of chalkboards so you could go inside it and draw or just sit in the dim light and think.  Something about it made me want to build a dome, any dome.  Fast forward 30 or so years and building a dome was a neat solution to some problems we were trying to solve.

We have a decent size backyard of a few hundred square feet, but there is no real shade, so spending a lot of time out there or eating meals out there can be a little much if you don’t like meting in direct sun for long periods of time.  We also have tried some gardening, but ran into some issue with weeds and such.  While the kids and I were talking about ways to improve the garden we got to talking about hydroponics (another subject that has intrigued me for years) and while talking about structures for the garden and structures for shade and combining the two we started talking about domes and wondered if we could merge the two projects with a dome.  And thus began the Great Dome Project of 2020. 

We will be making posts about each part of the project to detail the design and construction process. 

We hope you find the information interesting and helpful. As always, please comment or e-mail if you have any questions or thoughts.


Part 2 is now up!

Let’s Build a Dome! – Gallery

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