Product Review: Eryone Maflex Magnetic Flexible Plate

Maflex Magnetic Flexible Plate

If you don’t have a magnetic flexible plate for the print bed on your 3D printer you are greatly missing out.  This is one of those upgrades you don’t know how bad you need until you have and use it.

I love my Robo3D R2 printer, but getting prints off the bed can be tricky.  the build plate it came with had an amazing BuildTak surface that has never failed to hold a print, but can also have trouble letting go of a print.  I had a hard time removing a print one day while printing my Lemon Space Bun Covers and forgot to re-calibrate the bed before printing the next one.  The print bed was a little too close and the print had to be forcefully removed and it pealed up the print surface while dislodging it from the bed.  The surface was permanently attached to the print and completely destroyed.  While looking for a replacement BuildTak sticker I came across the Maflex Magnetic Flexible Plate by EryoneEryone and decided to give it a try.


I am so glad I did.


The Maflex is a sheet of spring steel coated on one side with a clear PEI coating (this holds the print in place).  the dimensions of the one I ordered were 220×220 mm.  the are actually 2 tabs about 20mm wide that stick out about 5mm from one side of the plate.  There is also a sheet of magnet material 220×220 mm with adhesive on one side.  You take the backing of the magnet’s adhesive and stick it to your build plate.  Once the magnet is on the steal sheet will hold tight to that and the little tabs will help you easily pop it off the build plate.


If the print does not let go when you remove the build plate you just give the plate a slight flex and most prints pop right off.  In fact, most prints can be popped off by hand without even taking the plate off the bed.


Before using the *** I would have to design everything I was going to print with a chamfer  of at least 1-2mm on the face touching the build plate so I could get leverage to use a spatula of some kind to pry the print off, this is far more convenient.


Some key points I learned

  • If you have removed the plate and put it back in place, re-calibrate your print head, it can flex just enough to make this a necessary step
  • Keep an eye on what side the PEI coating is on, if you have it upside down the print will not stick to the plate at all
  • Do not over bend the plate, a little flexing should be all you need to dislodge even the largest prints.


Having spent years printing with multiple printers and beds, using BuildTak and before that the insanity of blue painters tape, glue sticks, hairspray, etc., this is a dream come true.  A surface that prints easily stick to, works with my heated bed, easily releases prints and requires almost zero cleaning.  I can’t say enough how much the Maflex Magnetic Flexible Plate has made my life better with regards to 3D printing and I can’t recommend it enough.


Drop me a line and let me know if you have used this or similar or if you have something you like better and why.

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