Shower Head Holder

Shower head holder

Today’s issue: 6 year old that is old enough to shower on their own, but too short to reach the shower head.  This design took about 3 minutes in Fusion 360 for the original design and another 10 minutes or so to modify to make the top part stronger after the first one failed about 2 months in.


Fusion 360 design screenshot
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The design was fairly easy, I measured the handle section I wanted the mount to fit on with my digital calipers, created the top and bottom sketches and used the “Loft” tool to get the shape I needed, modeled the rest of the design around that and then printed on my trusty Robo3D R2.

I used a pair of suction cups I got in a bundle to secure it to the wall in the shower (I used the medium size).


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You can see where the initial design failed and so I extended the second revision, so there was more structural integrity to the whole design as well as thinning the thickness of the section that goes between the cup and the backing of the suction cup so the cup snapped in easier and created less stress on the holder.


I printed this on in a black PETG at 30% infill and it is more than strong enough.  I also used PETG because it is more thermally stable with the hot water.  PLA turns malleable in hot water and would have most likely bent and failed on the first use.

Click for larger view

Let me know what you think and, as always, the STL file can be downloaded from Thingiverse.



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